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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks Hosting is a fully functional cloud-based desktop version that allows you to access files anywhere and anytime. No more files need to be sent back and forth via mail.

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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks Hosting is a fully functional cloud-based desktop version that allows you to access files anywhere and anytime. No more files need to be sent back and forth via mail. QuickBooks Cloud will enable you to work with remote services. It allows up to 40 licensed users to access the data stored on a centralized cloud server.

All you have to do is provide us QuickBooks credentials. AES Cloud Hosting will take care of the rest because we are the hosting providers for QuickBooks offering creative and affordable solutions that combine QuickBooks Desktop capability and cloud ease.


QuickBooks Cloud VS QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is a powerful tool to operate your entire business. You get the best of both worlds if QuickBooks Desktop Cloud works with the right networks: the convenience and flexibility of the cloud and how you depend on the QuickBooks Desktop features.

If a user buys tax and accounting software, countless thoughts come into it. One of the main limitations of the QuickBooks desktop is its limiting access. Yes, it is somewhat limiting to install QuickBooks locally on one single system. QuickBooks Cloud simply implies that you can add as many users as you need. It also holds the software’s maximum productivity output.

It provides scalability and flexibility that any locally installed software does not deliver. Unlike the QuickBooks Desktop locally installed version, the cloud-hosted version is accessible 24/7. QuickBooks Hosted Services ensure security on a high-end level, as compared to the QuickBooks Desktop. You feel sure that your data is protected with Tier 4 data centers and protected by dedicated security staff. And, with no planned downtime, AES Cloud Hosting takes it a step further so that your data is always easy to access.

QuickBooks Cloud Services

Having QuickBooks Cloud Services is a fantastic alternative for organizations looking for a low total cost of ownership, a simple installation process, access to accounting programs from any location at any time, and the convenience of round-the-clock support. Hosting services can easily track invoices, manage payroll and expenses, make estimates and reports, audit trails, and even print checks, being the most convenient way to collaborate efficiently. QuickBooks Cloud Server is contained within the confines of a fully managed, dedicated server, providing your company with a significant competitive advantage in terms of productivity.


AES Cloud hosting can host the following versions:

QuickBooks Desktop Pro

In cloud-hosted QuickBooks Pro, you will be able to work from any device, from any location, and will be able to use the same QuickBooks Pro Desktop interface. What’s even better? Your company will have its own dedicated QuickBooks hosting services configured with the exact resources it requires (integrated QuickBooks applications, space, memory, etc.) You need to get the most out of your accounting software – and in our dedicated environment, you won’t have to share resources with any other users outside of your organization to accomplish this.

QuickBooks Desktop Premier

QuickBooks Premier Hosting involves installing QuickBooks Premier’s licensed copies on the cloud. You may access and utilize QB Premier’s full-blown desktop version from anywhere, anytime from any internet-connected device, by placing your QuickBooks Premier application in the cloud.

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop is a professionally built accounting solution for book owners, accountants, and financial experts. In addition to QuickBooks Pro and Premier capabilities, it also includes time and cost-saving tools to facilitate task execution. However, Quickbooks Accountant Desktop comes with a fair amount of limitations, like every desktop application. The software and its updates install manually; it requires storage space on your local hard drive; the reach of data is limited.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions

With the QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting service, employees can become more responsible and productive since they have access to programs and data wherever they want. AES Cloud Hosting will help you build QuickBooks Enterprise cloud by understanding the business needs and offering you a unified cloud platform that efficiently accomplishes your business activities.

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale

QuickBooks POS masters in a local retail/sales store are grouped for different departments. Your remotely placed sales shops are connected to high-performance POS processing on AES servers. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting automatically updates this scenario to keep various parties on one page for companies who have the selling set-up situated at a physical distance from the inventory or operations department. AES Cloud Hosting improves the software potential through remote service delivery.


QuickBooks Enterprise with Cloud

Customers who take AES’s QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solutions have access to a virtual environment that allows them to operate in their hosted Enterprise Quickbooks apps from any Macintosh, PC, or smart device connected to the internet. The appeal of such remote access is that it allows users to access their work desktop computers from any location, allowing them to work with the tremendous amount of flexibility possible.

Wrapping it up!

We, AES Cloud Hosting, believe that cloud hosting services are superior in improving your business, which is why we provide cloud hosting services created explicitly for accounting and tax procedures. Our proprietary hosting platform gets refined regularly to maximize its value. We know the importance of fast, accurate, quality technical assistance.

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Yes, you can. QuickBooks cloud allows you to access your QuickBooks software from a cloud server, which stores and operates all of your data and files securely. It is possible to log into your remote desktop from any location using a unique username and password. You will be able to view your data and use the program the same way you would from a local desktop.

Yes, QuickBooks Enterprise is a cloud-based version.

Indeed it is. Because we adhere to all national and international data privacy regulations, the cloud platform is extremely dependable, safe, and secure. Additionally, our data centers are certified, and they are equipped with enterprise-level security features. As a result, you can rest sure that your data is secure.

Given that our cutting-edge terminal servers automatically backup and save your vital corporate data every night for 30 days, you won’t have to worry about those unforeseen situations in which you realize that a critical piece of data has been lost or compromised.