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Public Cloud Hosting

A common way of cloud deployment in which the cloud resources like servers and storage are owned, operated and maintained

Cloud hosting has become very common nowadays. When you host your data on a cloud, you get basically two options: public cloud hosting and private cloud hosting. Public cloud hosting is the most used one and is fit for use for most of the organisations. Private cloud hosting is for the people whose needs surpass the public clouds. Public cloud hosting uses the resources of physical servers to provide hosting. Public cloud hosting is not only fast but also flexible and scalable. Public cloud hosting provides the hosting of the same cloud to different clients. The physical server infrastructure is shared among such clients. However, the virtual network will be isolated from each other. Public cloud is draws from so many physical server space that it is virtually impossible to run out of space. Hosting on public cloud is for any organisation which faces unpredictable traffic. Though not as secure as a private cloud, public cloud is secure enough for small and medium sized businesses. If your site does not collect sensitive information like bank account details and social security numbers, you can opt for public cloud hosting.  

                                     The advantages of public cloud hosting are as follows


When your business grows you will require more space and if you use public cloud hosting than it is scalable beyond limits. You can add all the space you need for your data.

Affordable pricing

In public cloud hosting, you have to share the cost of physical cloud hosting, you have to pay only for the services you have actually used. You can also monitor this usage and get monthly statements. Hence, it makes a very affordable facility.


There are a number of clouds involved in the public cloud hosting. Hence, if one cloud fails or is overloaded, you automatically use another cloud. You will not lose your data or your pace of doing business.

High performance

Unlimited server resources can deliver a very high performance in public cloud hosting.

Experts at your fingertips

You can contact our expert team for any requirements in a jiffy. Our lines are open 24*7 to give you flexibility. Your workflow will not be deterred as you will not have to wait for hours to get the answer to your questions.

Server Uptime

It has been noted that huge losses are incurred when the servers are down. AES Cloud guarantees you that your server uptime will be 99.99% in any case. This will help you reduce your costing.


The security provided by AES Cloud is foolproof. Your data will never be lost or get corrupted.  Also, our communication is encrypted so that you can enjoy flawless conversation.


It happens that you may have to increase your data storage or you might have to decrease it. In both the cases, AES Cloud will give you the flexibility to do as you choose. You will only have to make payments for the services and resources utilised by you.

Customized Plans

You can customise your data plans according to your requirements. Our plans are personalised for every customer. The services you require might not be needed by another customer, hence, he will not pay for it.


Integration of third party applications and data is very easy as far as AES Cloud is concerned. Your applications will be installed from our servers to make it easier and faster for you.