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Proseries Tax Cloud

It is reasonable cloud hosting solution that is designed to make the most out of your ProSeries software benefits.

ProSeries tax accounting system is an accounting software made especially for professionals with higher workloads. It has 27 timesavers built in to get more time for filing every return. Used by more than 62,000 professionals world wide, this software can be customized to suit your own professional needs. You pay only for the parts you customise into your software and nothing more. There are other tools also in this software which are very useful to the professionals. Some of them are listed below for your reference:

Missing Client Information Tool

This unique tool in the software lets you avoid the hassle of tracking down every client information. With a few strokes of keys you can pinpoint the information which is missing from a particular client and also send them an email requesting the information. You can also track the progress of each client’s returns.

K-1 Data Transfer

You can transfer K-1 data automatically by using ProSeries tax accounting. It can save you precious minutes per return when you use this tool.

On-screen help

This tool is used when you require assistance while you are working. You do not have to interrupt your workflow in order to get help.

Where-do-I-enter tool

This is a unique feature of ProSeries tax accounting software. You can simply type in the field of where-do-i-enter the data you need to fill and the software will guide you to the right form and field. You can use this tool in federal 1040, 1065, 1120 and 1120S products.

Intuit link

This portal allows you to collect the client’s data easily. It is a simple way to personalise the clients’ data in a systematic way.

Client specific billing options

Different clients pay in different ways: some pay an hourly rate while others pay fees. You can swiftly personalise these options for each and every client. Your billing will be done accordingly after that.


You can collect IRS approved electronic signatures of clients for form 8879 to help you save a lot of time in filing returns. You can also attach PDFs and e-file returns. You can even protect your client PDFs by Email password protect.

Multi year e-filing

E-filing for the current year and 2 years back is allowed in ProSeries software.


You can directly import data for Schedule C and Schedule E from ProSeries Fixed Assets manager. In addition to that, you can import data from QuickBooks, Quicken and TXF (Tax Exchange Format) files. Data related to loans can be directly integrated from financial institutions for 1099-B, 1099-INT and 1099-DIV. All the features of ProSeries Tax accounting can be utilised in a better way when you have a good cloud partner. Who better to serve your needs than AES Cloud? We not only support the features of ProSeries but also enhance its capabilities by adding our own advantages. Below are listed some of the advantages when you use ProSeries Tax cloud hosting system with AES Cloud:
  • 24 x 7 assistance by certified experts. You can either call, chat or email our experts for all the help you need.
  • Personalised plans to fit your budget. We do not charge you more if you need only a prt of our services. All our plans are customised to fit the requirements of individual clients.
  • We give you better Scalability with just a call. You can increase or decrease the space you need on the cloud at any point of time. This will optimise your expenses to give you a low ROI.
  • Secure servers and data centres. All our servers are well protected. Regular backups of the data is taken in case of any emergencies.
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. All our maintenance and repairs are done when the traffic is minimum. Also, you can access your backed up data during that time to minimise the server downtime.
  • Monitored usage to keep you informed. You will always receive the statements of your usage to let you know just how much you have used. This will prevent over crowding and under usage of data space.