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Private Clouding

AES Cloud hosting made easy & affordable, choose a fine-tuned Cloud services solution for successful personal and business Softwares.

Private cloud is the computing service offered to selected clients privately via internet or internal network. Private cloud is also known as internal or corporate cloud. It offers many benefits to the users including customisation and controlled atmosphere. Additionally the benefits such as scalability, flexibility, etc are also found on private cloud. Most of the times private cloud uses on-premises infrastructure for the purpose of hosting. The most important part of private cloud hosting is the high level security using company firewalls and internal hosting to ensure private data is inaccessible to third parties. Although the benefits of private clouds are overwhelming, the cost of the hardware and maintenance is skyrocketing. The company personnel has to maintain the network which makes it dearer. Two models of private cloud hosting is available to users to select from IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and  PaaS (Platform as a service). IaaS allows a company to use resources such as computing, storage and network as a service. While PaaS allows a company to give holistic services from simple cloud-based applications to sophisticated enterprise-enabled applications.   Private clouds can be combined with public clouds to form hybrid clouds. This allows the company a higher level of scaling when the demand rises. Benefits of a private cloud service are as follows:

High Level Security

The security in a private cloud is so high that the private details of a client such as the bank account details as well as social security numbers can also be stored. As the physical server is on campus, the possibility of it being compromised is almost nil. In the hands of company’s own IT department, the data on private cloud is safe and secure.

High speed

When the data is recovered from your own network, there is no extra noise over the internet and data can be recovered much more quickly than it can be in a public cloud. Multiple users can store or recall the data simultaneously

Self Service

When private cloud hosting is used you do not have to rely on anybody for scalability. You can increase your own capacity anytime. Of course the drawback is that you will require more investment but if you are a huge company with security as a concern, private cloud will suit your needs.


All your applications will be on same server giving you endless possibilities of integration. All the applications you own will seamlessly fit the company gear.

Experts at your fingertips

You can contact our expert team for any requirements in a jiffy. Our lines are open 24*7 to give you flexibility. Your workflow will not be deterred as you will not have to wait for hours to get the answer to your questions.

Server Uptime

It has been noted that huge losses are incurred when the servers are down. AES Cloud guarantees you that your server uptime will be 99.99% in any case. This will help you reduce your costing.


The security provided by AES Cloud is foolproof. Your data will never be lost or get corrupted.  Also, our communication is encrypted so that you can enjoy flawless conversation.


It happens that you may have to increase your data storage or you might have to decrease it. In both the cases, AES Cloud will give you the flexibility to do as you choose. You will only have to make payments for the services and resources utilised by you.

Customized Plans

You can customize your data plans according to your requirements. Our plans are personalized for every customer. The services you require might not be needed by another customer, hence, he will not pay for it.


Integration of third party applications and data is very easy as far as AES Cloud is concerned. Your applications will be installed from our servers to make it easier and faster for you.