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Lacerte Tax Accounting Cloud Hosting

AES Cloud hosting made easy & affordable, choose a fine-tuned Lacerte Tax Accounting Cloud hosting services solution for successful personal and business

When you are a professional and you have to file many returns at once, you need a software that supports faster calculations, multiple clients and multiple tax liabilities all at once. It is not an easy task to do this without any errors. Lacerte tax accounting software is for you if you are such a professional. With numerous other features, Lacerte accounting software will smoothen your way every time. Below are some of the features of Lacerte tax accounting software:


The accounting feature which you can not do without is reliability. As reliable your software, so reliable are you. At this point in your professional life, there are no provisions for any errors. Lacerte will offer you 100% reliability. It will update you with any tax law changes with in-product notification. In case you are still not sure, you get 24*7 help from top US experts at a call. The integrated e-filing will ensure more reliable data. You can also use batch filing to file the returns of multiple users at once.

K-1 Transfers

You can automatically import partnership deeds, S-Corp and fiduciary tax data into a return. You can also transfer the data between business returns with Lacerte tax accounting.  You can also find a partner instantly to update their information.

Proactive Guidance

Get answers to your queries as and when they arise wit point-of-need guidance system so that your workflow is not disturbed.

E-signature plus payments

In association with DocuSign, Lacerte allows you to secure your signature on various forms which are integrated into Lacerte Tax Software. It also features payment collection that allows you to collect payments from clients. It saves time and speeds up your billing process.

Download and Diagnostic

Download 1099 or W-2 information directly from a financial institution or payroll provider into tax return to speed up the process. You can also use Lacerte to create an asset automatically using a wizard on the basis of property purchased. You can easily file returns with complexities like consolidated financial returns of companies.

Multi user performance

Networking capabilities help the user to perform consistently in single user as well as a multi user environment. Also, Lacerte allows you do billing accurately as it recognizes unique firm IDs, downloads and assigns correct prep files automatically. You can set preferences across entire firm to ensure uniform processing.

Benefits of Lacerte Tax Accounting on Cloud

When professionals uses Lacerte Tax accounting software, it makes more sense that they use a cloud server for their storage. With the data of innumerable clients, the professional will be at high risk if he loses data accidently. Lacerte Accounting on cloud will ensure that the professional will never have to lose any data or hunt for additional space for storing data of clients for years together. Additionally, there are other benefits also of Lacerte tax accounting on cloud which are as follows:


An accountant can access the accounts of any client from anywhere as long as he has a working internet. He can access from any device to help him do his duties well. Lacerte accounting works just as well on all kinds of devices.

Saving Cost

You do not have to buy extra hardware for storing more data. Also, the maintenance cost of all the IT equipment can be saved if you use cloud. You can save recovery cost and take it to the minimum if you have stored your data on a cloud.

Server Uptime

The server uptime is never less than 99.99% when you use AES Cloud as your cloud host.


You can get help 24*7 when you register with us for your cloud facilities. You can call to upgrade your plan or you can use pay-as-you-go plan


Our servers are highly secure. Also, the communication is encrypted to give you maximum privacy. Your clients’ data is our responsibility.