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Fishbowl Inventory Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting made easy & affordable, choose a fine-tuned Fishbowl inventory cloud hosting services solution for successful personal and business websites.

Inventory management is one of the most essential parts of the management of any business. Fishbowl inventory management system is developed by Orem, Utah-based software company. Fishbowl inventory system integrates very well with QuickBooks accounting software. Fishbowl has basically three kinds of products in the market: Fishbowl Manufacturing, Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Boxstorm which are SaaS solutions. Boxstorm is a cloud based inventory system. It also features an app which is appropriate for small businesses.   The free version of Boxstorm is called Boxstorm Forever Free, which can be integrated with QuickBooks online and other technologies. The paid versions includes many additional features like sales orders, purchase orders, vendors, taxes, etc.   The features of Fishbowl Cloud Hosting System are as follows:

QuickBooks Integration

The main feature of Fishbowl cloud hosting system is that it can be easily integrated in QuickBooks. Hence, it is a boon to small businesses. Fishbowl has won Intuit’s Gold Developer’s status. It integrates the inventory and accounting records simultaneously which increases the accuracy of the data.

Multiple locations

The tracking tool of Fishbowl inventory system helps you to update the data from anyplace. You may have more than one location or its warehouse might be someplace else. Fishbowl lets you track this very easily. You can monitor inventory level of each warehouse.

Inventory management

The management of inventory on Fishbowl system is also very suitable for midsize businesses along with small sized ones. It includes barcodes scanning and printing. It also automatically updates the records of products that are moved.

Order management

Fishbowl can be used to track your shipment from or to warehouses. You can also setup automatic record points for the products. The sales and deliveries can be tracked on the software easily.

Multi Currency

You can manage inventory in multiple currencies and their exchange currency rates. You can set a particular currency for a particular vendor. You can convert different types of currencies into your home currency for tax and reporting purposes.


Fishbowl inventory lets you use mobile devices to track down products and also print shipping labels. Fishbowl inventory integrates with UPS and FedEx. It is the first inventory in class which is certified as UPS ready. This means that UPS is pre-installed in the Fishbowl software.


Reporting on Fishbowl is in easy to understand format so you can spot trends that are otherwise difficult to spot. Reports like adjustment reports, gross sales by product/salesperson, turnover graph/chart, inventory availability, etc are very useful and easy. When you use fishbowl system with AES Cloud, it becomes highly productive and efficient. You can easily access your data from anywhere and at anytime. It makes it easier to reorder your inventory even if you are not onsite by studying the reports. The other advantages of hosting on AES Cloud are as follows:
  • Round the clock support provided by AES Cloud can help you get to your decisions with ease. Wherever you are, you can just know when or how much inventory has to be ordered.
  • Go ahead and expand your business without having to invest in IT technologies. You just have to pay your rent with us and upscale your hosting.
  • Minimum downtime on our servers help you to minimize your losses which occur due to server downtime.
  • Secure servers help you to forget all about your security woes. Our servers and our access channels are highly secure and encrypted.
  • With all the facilities provided to you, our services are very affordable.