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Drake Tax Cloud Hosting

You can host the Drake applications in the cloud by partnering with Networks to offer the experience of cloud hosting.

Drake Tax Cloud Hosting: Drake tax accounting software is loaded with features to help you prepare and file your tax returns efficiently. Some of the main features of Drake Tax Accounting Software are as follows:

High Speed for Drake Tax Cloud Hosting

When you transfer your data to drake software it is very speedy. The data of prior year can be imported or entered.  Also, the speed of preparing a return and the calculations of other data is very high. Shortcut keys and macros are given to enter your data with less keystrokes. Drake tax cloud hosting auto fills your tax forms for city and state returns. It credits the taxes paid to other jurisdictions to further speed up your process. You can easily add hardwares like a digital signature pad, 2D barcode scanner, etc.
  • Import and export data for filing returns
It is very important to merge all the data for the filing of proper returns. Drake tax cloud hosting allows you to import parents’ or child’s income which is to be included in your return. It allows you to import/export from excel sheet the data about your various investments. You can enter data or import from spreadsheets the trial balance or your entire books.
  • Plan and analyse your tax returns
Drake allows you to view how your marital status, your dependents, income, etc can affect your tax liability. You can save multiple scenarios to compare and contrast. You can know whether filing joint return or separate returns are beneficial to you. You can also compare tax returns from another year to analyse. You can estimate your refund and plan your tax accordingly. You can also enter the figures of your loan payment schedules along with your amortization schedules to know your tax liability.

Review your return

At a click of a button you can review your tax amount, fees, eligibility, refund, etc. You can see how to avoid IRS rejection. You can also save these notes for your use later. Printing your returns and making sets is easier with Drake software because you can select and customise your print sets.

E-filing your return

Everything said and done, when it comes to E-filing your return Drake software will be the most convenient one to help you. PIN and consent screens are provided for the user to approve the returns to be filed so that there is no breach of security. You can also use Drake E-sign option to digitally sign your returns so that you do not have to file the return physically. The attachments that are to be filed can be saved as PDFs in Drake to avoid any paper work.

Benefits of hosting Drake Tax on Cloud

You can prepare your tax returns and file them from anywhere. You can access your data from any device such as your desktop, laptop or smart phones.
  • Store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on completely secure servers
    • SSH Key Encryption
    • SSL and TLS certificates with SHA2 hash Algorithm
    • Multi Factor Authentication
    • Firewall and other Security Software
  • DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)
    • Incremental as well as Complete Backups
    • Server mirroring for creating multiple access and restore points
You can minimize your cost by using cloud computing by limiting the hardware on your premises. All your data will be stored on a cloud so you do not have to worry about maintenance. You need not buy additional security software also. At AES Cloud you get support 24/7. You can customize your plans according to your needs. You can store and recover data at your convenience. Complete and comprehensive disaster recovery plan is available at AES Cloud. You can also share your data via encrypted networks with colleagues and CPAs. We guarantee you a server uptime of 99.99%. It can be integrated with third party servers and apps very easily. Get more information contact Drake Tax Cloud Hosting Support +1-800-788-5999 Now!