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CRM Cloud Hosting

CRM Cloud hosting made easy & affordable, choose a fine-tuned CRM Cloud services solution for successful personal and business websites.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an approach to manage the interaction of the company with its potential customers. With the use of data analysis about customers’ history, it helps to increase the revenue of the company by improving the business relationship with the customers. CRM Cloud hosting is an area where CRM technology is combined with CRM software and CRM tools to store the customers’ data in the cloud and is made available to them via the internet.  application via Web-based tools logins to employees on various levels. The administrator has previously defined the access level for all the employees across the organisation. Employees can then login to CRM system from anywhere on any device. Cloud CRM offers access toobaar apps for easier access to CRM data. CRM cloud hosting has an array of advantages. Some of them are listed below:


Accessibility is the major advantage of CRM cloud hosting. You can have access to all your clients’ data within minutes on any device with an internet connection. That gives you freedom from sitting in one place in your office in front of a PC.


The cloud based system is designed to be flexible depending on the current business needs. Hence, the need for capacity also varies. Scalable space is rented to you by AES Cloud so that you never run out of space to put your plans in action. You can upscale your space by just giving a call to your cloud provider.


Cloud based CRM are highly flexible as they are customised for particular client. The import of data from other platforms and its integration into CRM cloud is seamlessly done by our experts. Also, the exchange of information at a later stage of CRM hosting is also done very swiftly.

Mobile Apps

AES Cloud provide you a mobile app for your CRM. You can download this app to stay connected to your customers anytime and anywhere. Your smartphone can become a portal to the success of your business. It becomes very useful to the users who travel frequently and need information instantly.

Data Backups

The security and confidentiality of the data is the responsibility of CRM cloud hosting company. AES Cloud ensures that your data is stored in more than one place for the quick accessibility of the data. If and when, the data of the company is lost in any way, we assure you that it will be restored in minimum time frame.


All the data of the organisation is stored in one place, hence, the company management can get a holistic view of the company from the cloud. No edits or addition of data is done on separate devices to ensure a proper storage of data. This kind of collaboration does not come in if cloud accounting is not used.

Social CRM

Currently, CRM systems are offering services to their clients to track their customers through Social space to provide a comprehensive approach to customer services. On a cloud based CRM cloud hosting you can keep track of the updates on the social platform without having to download any other program. AES Cloud has a comprehensive experience of years to conceptualize, develop, implement and improve the CRM cloud hosting system. AES Cloud focuses on innovative technologies to migrate and maintain your data. We excel in quick and easy implementation of complex business requirements all over the world. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced staff whose top priority is your service.