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What are the features of inventory management software in 2020 ?

Inventory management software is a powerful, simple to use software for its user. It is a single platform that will give complete control to the user for the multichannel inventory and shipping.

There are several features of this software and some of these features are mentioned below. You need to follow the content below to know about these features of inventory management.

Sync inventory real-time

There are sync inventory levels that are mainly present across all the channels of the eCommerce and warehouses. The users need to make a sale anywhere and AES Cloud is instantly updated stock everywhere


Features of inventory management software 

  1. Sync and transfer inventory across multiple warehouse locations 

It can easily transfer stock between the domestic, international, or Amazon FBA warehouses and maintains a balanced inventory. It helps in tracking in real-time with the correct stock levels always shown on every store and market place.

  • Route orders to specific warehouses

The user can ship faster by inventory management and it is done automatically routing orders to specific warehouses based on sales channel or destination address. The users can set alternative warehouses for AES to switch to when stock is running low at your preferred location.

  • Pick, pack and ship from one inventory system

One can use the AES Cloud scanner for the pick and pack orders from any sales channel with perfect accuracy and lightning speed.

  • Save time with automation rules

It automatically creates automated stock rules to control exactly how much inventory shows for each sales channel. It puts the repetitive tasks on autopilot based on a variety of triggers and conditions. These are like defaulting to an expedited shipping service for next-day delivery orders.

  • Easily create product bundles

It combines the products of the users so that they can be sold in kits and bundles on any sales channel with AES. It will help in keeping the inventory perfectly synced the whole time. It keeps all the warehouses and the channels completely balanced.

  • Keep tight control with cycle stock counts

 The users can use the AES barcode scanner so that they can easily carry out the stock counts without shutting down the entire warehouse. The users just need to assign their whole team weekly or on the daily basis counting tasks to complete paperless inventory checks with minimal disruption.

The inventory management software has the perfect features for its customers. They can completely rely on this outstanding software. Get more information Call: +1-800-788-5999 Now.