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How to set up your own private cloud in five minutes with AES Cloud Hosting

In the current scenario, most of the services such as iCloud Dropbox are getting hacked these days. So the customers these days want to pull up their data off the cloud. For such users, there comes up a solution that will help them not to lose these great features of cloud hosting. It is the users can create their cloud storage service that they can control on their own and it is known as Own Cloud.

The customers can also sync it with their files, notes, calendars, and more. It also helps the users to save their valuable time as it hardly takes five minutes to set up. With the help of cloud hosting the customers can host their websites. Follow the content to know how to set up Own Cloud with AES Cloud Hosting.

There are some of the things you need to gather to set up Own AES Cloud

  1. A web host that supports PHP5 and MySQL (or SQLite)

The user needs to sign for a service like Dreamhost. In case one already has a domain name through a web host you can probably install Cloud in a couple of minutes. It seems quite complicated but you need to deal with several things such as PHP and MySQL for the simple installation of Cloud Hosting. You need to be sure that your cloud hosting services support you.

  1. A copy of AES Cloud Server 5

The simplest method to contact AES Cloud Hosting is by the website or contact number. In case you known how to put a file onto your website, you can install it.

  • A URL for remote access

In case you have a domain name you can simply buy one URL. One needs a URL to tap into own Cloud from anywhere. 

Steps to install Cloud Hosting

Initial setup and installation

  1. You need to download and save the web installer to your computer.
  2. You can upload the setup- owncloud.php file to your webspace using your host’s web interface or an FTP app (our picks for Windows, Mac, and Linux are a good place to start if you don’t have one.
  3. You need to enter the URL of the setup file into your web browser.

 Sync up your calendar, address book, and music

  1. You need to click on the calendar icon on the right side.
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right.
  3. Copy down the URL for your calendar.

In case of any problem, the users can connect the team of Cloud hosting support. The team is highly proficient and skilled. They can resolve any problem related to the software which the user may encounter. Cloud hosting support team is the main support team.

For any query, you can also contact us. Our team is always available for you 24/7. We will help you out in clearing all your queries at your convenience. Get more information feel free to connect Cloud Hosting Service Providers +1-800-788-5999 Now.