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Application Hosting

The application hosting, also called SaaS (Software as a service), allows customers to access programs through the internet from a remote cloud infrastructure.

AES cloud Hosting provides application cloud hosting solutions at one stop that allow corporations, non-profits, and government organizations to get their applications on the cloud at a lower cost. No matter which type of application you need, whether it's marketing, rich media, or ecommerce, AES has a variety of hosting options, and we'll work with you to find the one that's right for you.

You may take full advantage of cloud hosting to manage your applications, servers, and networks because:

  • Reduce costs
  • Determining the availability of improved products
  • Enhanced security

We make it possible for businesses to take advantage of market opportunities by reducing the complications. Our application hosting solutions are the built-in concern of customer needs which help companies run more efficiently by improving performance, increasing application reliability, security, and improving the user experience.

App hosting is helpful because of the following reasons:

Device and format proliferation:

Upgrading your systems to the most up-to-date versions to satisfy customers, reducing security issues.

Application and network security:

Our goal is to provide advanced yet deep layer application and network security solutions.

Content distribution:

Using material delivery networks, customers don't need to wait for precious seconds before accessing your product or service. To ensure that your products and services are evenly dispersed between servers, application cloud hosting works best.

There are various advantages to application cloud hosting on remote workstations. To begin, it cuts costs by eliminating the need to construct and maintain the underlying hardware and software, as well as the broader IT infrastructure. Furthermore, with application hosting, you only have to pay for the services you are using. This also increases its scalability in comparison to traditional on-premise hosting,

When it comes to application hosting services, you can relax knowing that AES Cloud Hosting will take care of everything. We strive to make our clients' work as simple as a cup of tea when it comes to application hosting services. Since we provide hosting services tailored to the changing dynamics of the market, you can get hosting services from us if you want to implement new technology.

Since most of the business needs 24/7 support, AES is dedicated to providing customers full-time support, so whenever the application server is down or facing some other issues, you can get in touch with our technical assistance team.

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Eliminate the strain to purchase and manage real servers on the premises and monitor your applications using our application hosting service. It will expand your business, making it feasible, cut costs, and aid you in the efficiency of deployment.

Why host with AES Cloud?

  • We are available 24*7 at your services. Also, our services are completely reliable and secure. We offer you speedy services and remote access to the software with infallible efficiency.
  • Quick and easy installation process. With AES Cloud, you get seamless integration of your ACT! CRM with your existing IT. Our servers are high speed and they can be relied on anywhere in the world.
  • ACT! CRM on AES Cloud is very cost effective. The software is installed on AES Cloud terminal servers and is accessible through a secure web interface.
  • As per the requirements of the user, ACT! CRM on AES Cloud can be integrated flawlessly with other applications such as Goldmine with Lacerte, Quickbooks and Microsoft Office.
  • With an uptime of 99.99% AES Cloud is a choice to make when it comes to cloud hosting partner. Our maintenance and repair work are done when the traffic on the site is minimum and with prior knowledge of the client. This will save you a lot of money in terms of server downtime.
  • You can do scaling easily when you have AES Cloud as your cloud partner. You can upscale or downscale in accordance with your particular requirements so that you do not pay extra.